Benton Road rubbish mountain cleared


The volunteers who cleared the huge pile of discarded rubbish. Thanks also to Peter Gulliver.

A Herculean effort was made on Friday 22 June to clear a huge mound of rubbish that had been recently let to new members.

A small group of volunteers spent 90 minutes filling a 12 yard skip with carpet, glass and other rubbish left on former members’ plots.


The rubbish had to be cleared quickly as some careless members had piled the rubbish against a neighbour’s fence.

Aside from the time committed, this has cost your society several hundred pounds. This is money we would have preferred to have spent on replacing the lawnmower or rotavator.

Carpet is no longer permitted on growing surfacs, but please consider the items you bring onto the site. The huge yellow bag in the picture is full of drinks cans, plastic bottles and glass jars, which may all be recycled with your domestic waste.
If it cannot be composted, take it away, as the rules state that members who leave the society may be charged for clearing up any rubbish they leave behind.

Anyway, if you see these wonderful people, do thank them for clearing up this mess. It was a filthy job on one of the hottest days of the year and as usual conducted by a small rump of members.

While you may not have been available today, please don’t hesitate to let your stewards know that you can help. Alternatively, ask to join the What’s App list for your site and you will be notified when we are trying to put together a work party.

There are fringe benefits, too, as those on the app will be told when a delivery, such as wood chip, arrives.


SKGAS Allotment Competition 2018


Ronkey Ram receives the Alderman Clark Cup from SKGAS president Paul Dye

Seven Kings and Goodmayes Allotment Society – Competition Results 2017


Alderman Clark Cup 2017 (Best Allotment – score out of 100)

1st  Ronkey Ram – Benton Road   91                                                              

2nd Karnail Banwait – Benton Road   90


3rd  Sheila Nisbet – Goodmayes   87 

Sheila Nisbet

Sheila Nisbet


John Mackin

John Mackin

Highly Commended:

John Mackin – Goodmayes  86 ½

Sandra Norondha – Benton Road   85

Nirmal Singh      Benton Road 83

Joginder Singh    Benton Road   83

Oscar Marvell  Goodmayes 83

Chatting Cup 2017 (New Starters)   


Balbir Singh, winner of the Chatting Cup with SKGAS president Paul Dye

1st Balbir Singh (Benton Road)        85

2nd Sheratun Nabi  (Benton Road)      68 

Alan Hooker cup


Ronkey Ram receives the Alan Hooker Cup from SKGAS president Paul Dye

Ronkey Ram    Benton Road 91

SKGAS AGM Wednesday 4 April 2018


The 90th Annual General Meeting of the Society will be held at the Goodmayes Community Centre, 616c Green Lane, IG3 9SE, on Wednesday 4th April 2018 at 7.30pm.

Complementary refreshments will be available after the meeting and there will be a free raffle with one ticket issued to each attendee.


1. Welcome Address

2. Presentation of prizes (Lists of awards and prize winners overleaf)

3. AGM minutes 2017 final copy.

4. Matters arising

5. Chairman’s report

6. Treasurer’s report

7. Secretary’s report

8. Membership Secretary’s report

9. Trading Secretary’s report

10. Election of Committee for 2018-19 (Members are urged to consider joining the Committee to help run the Society).

President Site stewards for

Chair Benton Road

Vice-chair Wards Road South

Secretary Wards Road North

Treasurer Goodmayes

Trading Secretary Vicarage Lane South

Membership Secretaries Vicarage Lane North

Committee members

At present we need more site stewards at Goodmayes, Benton Road, Wards Road North and Wards Road South. Please consider acting as a site steward, which could involve a small commitment reporting problems to the committee, or getting further involved in plot letting and maintaining communal areas.

11.  President’s Address

12. Motions for discussion (Motions must have a proposer and seconder and be submitted to Padraig Floyd (Chair) c/0 2, Airthrie Road, Goodmayes, IG3 9QU by 14th March 2018).

13. Any other business

14. Raffle draw

Followed by refreshments

Members are cordially invited to attend the AGM to have their say in the running of the society.

If you won a cup or an award certificate in 2017 these will be presented at the meeting.